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Doctor Duck

Doctor Duck

Bob Bug was in his cot.

“Get up, Bob”, said Dad.

But Bob did not get up.

“I am hot”, he said.

“Bob is sick!” Said Mum.

“Quick! I will ring Doctor Duck”.

“Mum is a fusspot”, said Dad.

Mum Bug rang Doctor Duck.

“Come quick!” she said. “Bob is sick!”

“Quack, quack!” said Doctor Duck.

He got his box of pills.

“I will mix this pill up with some milk”, he said.

“Sip this”, said Doctor Duck to Bob Bug.

“Yuk”, said Bob, but he had a sip. 

“Quack, quack!” said Doctor Duck.

“I will come in six days”.

When Doctor Duck came back,

Bob was hopping and singing.

But Dad Bug was in bed.

“I am hot! I am sick!” he said.

“Bad luck, Dad”, said Mum.

“Dad is a fusspot!” said Bob.

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